Quality Cosmetic Dentistry in Harker Heights

Having a confidence in your smile allows you to share it freely and it can affect the overall quality of your life. Cosmetic dental treatments can boost your self-esteem by highlighting and flattering your natural beauty.

Our Harker Heights Dentist, Dr. Dacen DeLaPaz understands the difference cosmetic enhancement can make in the lives of his patients. His approach combines the science and art of dentistry to give people smiles that radiate health and beauty.  


A Myriad of Ways to Enhance Smiles 

Even minor cosmetic treatments can make a significant impact on smiles. People who are dissatisfied with several aspects of their teeth might consider a full-smile makeover which includes two or more separate treatments. Here are a few of the services Dr. DeLaPaz and Dr. Adamek provide:

Professional Teeth Whitening both in-office and at home with Opalescence® Brighten teeth by several shades for a more lustrous smile. This is an excellent preliminary treatment to restorative procedures since the prosthetic can be matched to a lighter shade of teeth. 

Invisalign® clear braces, a convenient, discreet, and comfortable way to align teeth for a uniform smile. The clear aligners can also double as reservoirs for whitening gels. At the onset, patients are shown a computer generated virtual progression of how their teeth will align for beautiful and straight dentition. 
Tooth-Colored Composite Resin for fillings and bonding. This enamel colored material is precisely molded onto damaged areas of the teeth, concealing discoloration, chips, cracks, and other imperfections. It provides a seamless, sturdy, and natural appearing treatment.

Porcelain Veneers are thin shells affixed onto the fronts of teeth. They can dramatically improve the color, shape, alignment, and size of teeth. Patients can customize the design of their veneers, and this procedure is done within two office visits.  

Porcelain Crowns are a durable way to repair and enhance smiles with a natural-looking restoration. Crowns encase the whole tooth, and with proper care can last a lifetime. Our dentist designs crowns that are tailored to meet his patients’ specific needs. 

Prosthetics for Missing Teeth eliminate gaps in your smile with your choice of restoration method. Tooth replacements with fixed bridges are secured by crowns placed on neighboring teeth, and implant supported restorations rely on posts implanted into the jaw bone. 

Give Dental Images in Harker Heights a Call!

Whether you are seeking a simple treatment, or a combination of procedures, Dr. DeLaPaz and Dr. Adamek can assess your smile and devise a customized plan just for you.  Ideal oral health remains the top priority, while cosmetic procedures are performed with an artistic eye that carefully considers your facial structure, skin tone, and jaw size so you receive a beautiful and flattering smile. 

Dr. Dacen DeLaPaz has over thirty years of experience providing dental care in Harker Heights. His compassion and reliability has made him a trusted dentist in our community. Schedule a visit today, and you can have the beautiful and healthy smile you have always dreamed of. 


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