Effective Invisalign Clear Aligners in Harker Heights 

A smile that reveals straight teeth not only looks appealing, it also protects teeth from damage and prevents jaw pain and headaches. Still, many people do not want the inconvenience of silver brackets, and so they miss out on the many advantages of orthodontic treatment. 

The office of Dr. Dacen DeLaPaz is a proud provider of Invisalign® clear braces, a modern method for straightening teeth that eliminates many of the drawbacks associated with traditional braces. Serving Harker Heights and located in Belton, Dental Images enjoys seeing how a transformed smile can also improve the quality of your life. 


Discreet and Convenient Care with Invisalign Clear Aligners 

Probably the most popular feature of Invisalign is their nearly invisible appearance. The trays are made of a transparent plastic and are ideal for self-conscious people and professionals who want to retain their normal smile while receiving treatment. 

These trays are made of a soft plastic that is comfortable and does not rub against delicate soft tissues in the mouth, causing pain and sores. They are also removable, which increases their convenience in several remarkable ways:

  • Routine daily hygiene and bi-annual dental visits can continue uninterrupted. 
  • Diets are not affected, so normal eating can continue. 
  • The trays can be removed for special occasions and photo opportunities.
  • Invisalign trays can be filled with bleaching gels to brighten teeth.

 Get Started Quickly for Straighter and Healthier Smiles 

Beginning Invisalign treatment only requires two dental visits. First, Dr. DeLaPaz takes a digital impression of your teeth, which is sent to the Invisalign lab so they can custom design your aligners. You are also shown a computerized 3D virtual progression of your teeth moving into their proper alignment. This gives you a sneak peek at your new smile.  

At the second appointment, you receive your first set of clear aligners. Each set is replaced after two weeks, gradually straightening teeth. With Invisalign, you only need to see the dentist every six weeks so he can monitor your progress. Appointment times are also shorter in duration because there is no need to change wires or replace rubber bands. Total treatment time with Invisalign clear braces on average is about a year, which is significantly shorter than the two years typically needed with traditional braces. 

Straight teeth enhance your natural beauty. They also make dentition easier to clean and less likely to become damaged from the wear and tear of a misaligned bite. Many people experience relief from headaches and jaw pain with properly aligned smiles as well. 

Contact Dental Images in Belton for Straighter Smiles

Contact Dental Images to learn more about the benefits of Invisalign® clear aligners. Dr. Dacen DeLaPaz and his team provide outstanding dental treatment and compassionate care to people living in Belton and Harker Heights.


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